2nd Art Competition at the Park

Dec/2017-Jan/2018 Summer Holiday letter
November 30, 2017

Strathfield Park 12 Jun 2017 (Queen's Birthday) - 10:00am - 3:30pm


* When

12/ June /2017 (Mon) Queen's Birthday
10:00am - 3:30pm

* Where

Bark Huts Reserve, Belfield ( Location - Elliot Street, Belfield)

* Who

The art competition is open to everyone(with family/parents/friends)

* Theme for Drawing

At the park (any objects in the park)

* Entry fee

$5 per person ( no entry fee for children under 3years)
- please return the entry form to art school ASAP and pay the entry fee on that day

* What to bring

1. art materials (pencils, rubber, paints, brushes, small buket for painting water,
painting palette, colour pencils, crayon etc)
2. drink water
3. optional - drawing board, easel, toys, picnic mat, portable chair

* Things art school prepare

1. paper for drawing
2. basic art materials ( not enough for all)
3. lunch (BBQ Sausage roll) snacks and drinks
4. lots of prizes

Kim (M. 0433 841 223)
- Art competition, Fun Games, Sports and any other various programs.
We wish everybody join together and having a great day.

* It will be postponed if it rains on that day.